1925 Beautyrest Mattress factory, featuring John Franklin Gail’s machine for coiling wire and fabric sleeve insertion.
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Helping Canadians sleep soundly
for over 125 years
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Scientific studies have revealed the awesome power of healthy, restful, and comforting sleep. A rested mind is clearer, sharpening memory and elevating mood. Healthy sleep also repairs muscles, strengthens the heart, and improves immune systems. Upgrade your sleep by wrapping yourself in the best luxury mattress for your unique sleeping habits.

Here at Beautyrest, we’re committed to developing first-class Canadian mattresses and sleep-enhancing technologies. We help Canadians wake up feeling rested, rejuvenated, and ready to do amazing things.

Profile of a man and woman getting dressed in formal clothing beside a Beautyrest mattress in a sunlit bedroom.

Decades developing supportive and comfortable beds

Zalmon G. Simmons founded Simmons Bedding Company in the year 1870 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, approximately 570 kilometres from the Canadian border in Windsor. By 1876, he was determined to give the world a better night’s rest and became the first manufacturer of woven wire mattresses.

When Zalmon Simmons Jr. took over the business in 1910, he oversaw rapid growth for the company. He even negotiated with the creators of the Titanic to install Simmons Bedding mattresses on the famous vessel for its maiden voyage. By the 1930s, Beautyrest® became the flagship brand of the company, establishing luxury lines of quality mattresses that support healthy sleeping habits for citizens everywhere.

Different angles of the surface of various Beautyrest Mattresses to highlight their textures.

A history of trademark mattress designs

Beautyrest® has been at the cutting edge of some of the greatest sleep mattress developments in history. It was our innovative technicians who created both the king and queen-sized mattresses that are virtually ubiquitous today. We also invented the electric blanket, the no-flip mattress, and the hybrid mattress.

Given that we’re a luxury mattress brand, you might expect a clever pun that says ‘we won’t rest until the job is done.’ The truth is we do sleep because we require the same rest and rejuvenation we promise to every one of you. Rested minds uncover new and innovative possibilities.

Today, we invest our waking hours into developing cutting-edge mattress technology. We provide advanced support and sustainability to make all our mattresses cool and comfortable. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship continuously helps Canadians achieve healthy sleeping habits year-round.

It fills our hearts with joy and our spirits with pride when our customers share the life-changing effects of a comfortable mattress. We love to hear those amazing stories. That’s why we continuously innovate on our designs to deliver even more first-class options for luxurious sleep.